One language to rule them all?

Most of my software development is currently done on the .Net framework, with C# as programming language. I’m looking forward to start working with F#. While I’m doing most of my coding in C#, I’m also coding AS3 (ActionScript 3) and javascript on the side.

Meanwhile I’d like to take a week off and start working in plain old MASM again :). Do some hard time with C++ and the DDK to make some annoying filter drivers to tease colleague’s @ work, but all of that will probably won’t happen since I’m working so much lately. For example I’ve arrived at 07:00 sharp at the .. well office and left 18:35, with a small lunch break of only 15 minutes.

Well to get to the point,.. looking for some nice alternative to Flex (Eclipse with Adobe modifications) that will cost me $0.00 I came across a nice project that aims to be a single language to be used as an intermediary language for all the others. It is called haXe. It will convert / compile your code to the desired language, eg. haXe to JavaScript.

Will look at it soon!

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