The Bla:

Antlr is a great tool for interpreting structured text such as code (Basic, C++, C#, Pascal, Java,.. etc), Svg (svg path), SQL, WKT, and many many more.

If you are considering or going to interpret text, I strongly suggest you dive into Antlr or some other tool for recognizing text. You are probably tempted to just write code to accomplish this task, code is what you know and Antlr is something you have not mastered as of yet. Thus you are unable to foresee if Antlr is a tool can use for your task, what it’s downsides are and if it’s worth doing it with Antlr time wise. Believe you me, I know just how you feel. Let me be frank, your first project will cost you about 30% more time since you are a starter. But by learning how to use Antlr, you will safe lots of time in the future. Your recognizing code will be better manageable, and your knowledge will be a great asset for your future projects.

Well that’s my bla bla, here is a listing of Post:

What you are looking for:

A simple startup to ANTR, what about a simple calculator to get you started.

Did something go wrong? Getting error messages you do not understand, please read: FAQ Error messages

A more advanced topic, Creating AST trees, and how to construct those.

This is an interesting post in how to use constructs such as predicates to parse a ambiguous piece of  text, while the rules seem rather simple.

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